RC SCAN 7200

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Scans all 50 channels in the 72MHz RC Aircraft Band


Spectrum Display - In this mode the RC SCAN unit uses bar graphs to show the level of RF energy on each channel. The higher the bar graph, the stronger the signal. The channels are displayed using the familiar AMA channel designations. Eight channels are displayed at once, and pressing the PAGE UP or PAGE DOWN buttons will shift the display up or down eight channels. Pressing the CHANNEL UP or CHANNEL DOWN button will shift the display up or down 1 channel. This is the most sensitive mode of the scanner and will let you see other RC transmitters 2000ft away and beyond or any other potential source of interference that can disable your receiver. By placing the channel of interest in the brackets on the center of the display and pressing the MODE switch, the RC SCAN unit will enter detail mode.

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Detail Mode – In this mode, the RC SCAN unit will give you detailed information about any standard RC FM(PPM) signal source. The first line shows AMA channel number, frequency, signal level in dBm and modulation type. The second line shows the number of servo channels supported by the transmitter (SC), the servo packet rate in hertz (PR), the pulse polarity (PP) or frequency shift + for positive shift, - for negative and finally an error counter (Er). The error counter will begin to count up whenever the RC signal is being corrupted – an indication there is RF interference present. In addition to all that, while in this mode up to 8 servo channels are demodulated and present at the side of the case. This is useful for checking servos, transmitters or testing the control surfaces of a model before final installation of receiver and battery. PCM Modulation is not currently supported in detail mode.

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Active Channel Mode – In this mode, the RC SCAN unit monitors all the channels in the band (11-60 for the 72 MHz band and 61-90 for the 75MHz band) for activity. This is the mode most likely used when going out to the field and checking to see what channels are in use. When activity is discovered, the channel number will appear on the display. If the channel number is blinking, activity was recorded within the last 10 minutes, but the channel is not currently active. This is useful when you want to monitor the spectrum, but won’t be watching the display the whole time. Turn on the RC SCAN unit when you get to the field, place it in Active Channel mode and go prep your plane, car or boat. When you’re ready to go just take a look at the RC SCAN display and see if anyone used your channel while you were getting set up.

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Spectrum Zoom Mode – In this mode, the RC SCAN unit displays 3 adjacent channels with bar graphs to show the level of RF energy on each channel as well as in between the channels. This is useful for seeing interference that is between channels (pagers etc.) as well as seeing if a transmitter is significantly off frequency.

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